Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Well, this is.......Interesting...

Hmm. This is a very interesting feeling I have right now...

I just woke up, and my face and hands are covered in blood. Not something that inspires confidence. Especially after sleeping through the majority of the day. Oh, crap. I'm sorry, Max. I completely slept through my alarm. Crap. Well, at least I can talk to you on Skype, so that's good. Still don't know where the blood came from, and that worries me. Odds are, I had a bloody nose sometime during my sleep, but there isn't any blood on my covers or pillows. And it's not so much the blood that scares me, it's the not knowing where it came from.

I should prolly start with a story.
A couple years back, my Mom, Stepdad, and Sister went to South Carolina to visit family. I had to stay home and watch the pups, because Lady can't travel anymore. So, anyway, my family went to a restaurant before leaving for home. About midway through the meal, a very Hispanic waiter quietly asked my mother if anyone in her family 'just bleeds, for no reason.' My mom, feeling very freaked, said No. The guy left. Around the end of the meal, he came back, and asked, "Are you certain?" So, my mom stopped to think. She said,"Yes, now that I think about it, my son does, back home. Why do you ask?" To which the man replied, "Ah. I thought so. No reason." and walked off.

I'm not squeamish about blood. I've dealt with it all my life. I've constantly had bloody noses. It's gotten to the point of a joke in my family. I bleed if it's cold out, I bleed if it's hot, I bleed with sudden temperature changes, I bleed with humidity, dryness, and, I swear to Gawd, I bled from a handshake once. So, I'm used to blood.

But I still freak out if I don't know where the blood came from. Given my history, I'm always paranoid that I blacked out and commited some horrible crime, or gotten in a fight with someone. Not happy-making possibilities. But that's enough of my complaining.

imabeeinabox filled out the landscape game, and said something about mine that made me pause to think. She asked me if Home is where I really want to go after I die. And my response is, yes, I want that home to be where I go when I die, preferably having all my friends with me. I'll write about my interpretation of my answers later, but Im more interested in hearing about what everyone else interprets my answers to mean before I do.
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