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Wow. I'm not sure how to feel about someone who isn't in my immediate family worrying about me for not posting. I'm not sure whether to feel weirded out, or happy that someone has validated my existence...
But, yeah, imabeeinabox is right. I shouldn't have posted a dark and worrying entry, and then go MIA for a while. Not good manners. Sorry. Been busy with work, and playing catch-up with old friends. Which is, oddly enough, related to the rest of my post tonight.

Recently, I've been contacted by a few friends whom I thought I wasn't going to see again. It's a happy-making moment when someone you haven't seen in years suddenly e-mails you, and asks how your life has been. Tonight, I'm gonna post on one of these people, someone I re-acquainted myself with at work. (Sorry, Neely, your story will wait for another time.)

He left again today, though. For something he loves doing. And he deserves it. Because he is an excellent person. One of those people who refreshes your trust in humanity. And he does it without any expectation of gratitude, because it is the Right thing to do.

I won't tell you his name, because I don't think he would want me to. He doesn't like people worrying about him, you see. And his story would make anyone worry for his health and well-being. That being said, let me start my story.

Now, I first met him when I was a little kid, during a summer camp. We became fast friends, sharing in many games of tag, hide-and-seek, and the like. And then the summer ended. I thought I would never see him again, that being my expectation of people I met at summer camps.

Several years go by, and I am working as a cashier at Superpetz. He gets hired to replace the stockperson who was fired for theft. I can't remember the specifics of our realisation that we knew each other, just that he is the one who broached the subject. At this point, I didn't know just how horrible his life had been in the years since we had last met.

And I could never have guessed how bad his life was. He never let anything bad show. He was too busy helping other people with their lives to let them worry about his. He's cool like that. Hell, for the first month of our re-friending, I didn't know anything about him. Then one day, I ask him if he's ever heard of LiveJournal. He told me that yes, he had, and yes, he has one. When I visit it that night, I am astounded at how bad his life is.

He had no place to call home, no money for food, and people who hated him for trivial reasons. And he felt guilty when other people tried helping him out. He didn't want to be seen as a lowlife who leeched off of others. The fact that other people hated him shocked the hell out of me, because I just couldn't imagine anyone hating him. He's too nice. But I suppose there will always be people who despise those greater than themselves.

Anyway, for the past few weeks, he's had to sleep at whatever houses would take him in, because where he had been staying kicked him out. But, a couple of weeks ago, he is offered a job doing something he loves. Diving. He loves diving. And he's going to get paid to do something he loves. He leaves today, for New York. He won't have to feel guilty about anything anymore. He will have money to spend on himself, and a place to call home. I can't think of anyone who deserves this new life more than him.

True, I will miss him, but I have his phone number, if I ever need to reach him. And I think I will need to reach him, to at least let him know that he is in my prayers. He is the finest example of Righteousness I have ever had the honour to know, and I constantly worry for him. Just knowing him for five minutes makes you want him to succeed at everything he tries, and makes you cry in anguish when he doesn't. He is one of the best people to have been in my life, and if he fails at his new job, it will be proof that there is no justice in the world.

Vaya con Dios, mi Hermano.
Usted está en mis rezos, siempre.
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