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That was odd...

Me Wantee!

Me Wantee!

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Pirate, Patchy
Yes, once again, it is time for another of my pathetic pleadings for stuff. This time, however, I want stuff that I will actually use more than once.

First up:
Permanent LiveJournal Account
Sale starts this week. Information can be found on the frontpage of LiveJournal. Oh, goodness, I want that sooooo much. Just the thought of being able to customise my journal, and not have to worry about recurring payments makes my knees weak.

Canon PowerShot (Pro1 model) 8.0 Megapixel Digital Camera
I cannot remember off the toppa my head how much it costs, but it is relatively cheap for such a good camera.
Correction and apology
My Dad just recently got one, intending it for my sister, because she's taking an advanced photography course when school starts again, but she didn't like the way it felt in her hand. So, he's got a kickass new camera, and I want it. Hey, I see neat stuff everyday that I can't record, because El Cheapo, the Twenty-Dollar DigiCam refuses to work anymore. Oh well.

Welder's Goggles
I want just goggles with some good Shade-5 lenses in 'em, not the full hood/mask thing you normally see. They would be my new sunglasses.

A Good, Cheap, Reliable webhost.
I know I'm asking for all three points in the Triangle of Quality, but I still want it, so I can really get RetsnimdeCorp on-line. I have been looking around, and found a couple of cheap and reliable hosts, but they aren't good. I've found Good and Reliable hosts, but they ain't cheap. And finally, I've found good, cheap hosts, and they sure as hell ain't reliable. I just want the impossible, is that too much to ask?

There. My list of demands things that I want. The only thing on there that is time-sensitive is the Permanent Account, and that offer expires in a day or two. If anyone out there in internet-land is feeling extremely generous right now, please consider my list, okay?
  • Well, for the webhost, I would recommend phpwebhosting.com. That's what I use for TRS. Albeit there are some sporadic moments where they aren't the most reliable, but more often than not those are few and far between, and they are usually taken care of pretty quickly.
    • Thanks for the tip. Know of any dirt-cheap domain name registrars? I know Phil (from V52) uses Joker, but I'm looking for summat cheaper.
  • My mom smacks me when I say "I want..."
    • My parents smacked me when I said 'I need' instead of 'I want' for stuff like this.
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