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That was odd...



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Pirate, Patchy
I love the rain. Just a few minutes ago, there was a heavy rainshower, and I spent fifteen minutes just sitting in it. It was beautiful. Also, it was something I hadn't done in a while. I'm doing a lot of stuff I haven't done in a while, lately, and I'm happy I'm getting the opportunities to do so.

Like just sitting and relaxing. I haven't been able to do that ever since I got the forty-hour mandate from my parents. And today, out in the boonies, with a dialup connection to keep me from being distracted by the 'net, I got to just sit, and relax.

And let me tell you, it truly, truly kicks ass to not have anything urgent to do, or chores to finish, or any responsibilities beyond brushing the cats. It is refreshing, as well, to go outside and pick mulberries, not caring about stained fingertips.

And, I'm finally able to just sit and read, without worrying about customers complaining about it. Today I read a collection of sci-fi stories that were actually retooled classic fairy tails. It reminded me of being a little kid again, worying over whether or not the clever young Hero can defeat the wicked Villain.

Heck, I'm just rambling at this point. I don't really worry about it, because I have plenty of time, and nothing urgent that needs doing. I just wanna write, and that's what I'm gonna do. But later. I'm hungry now. I think I'll make some Chicken Alfredo for dinner.

  • so unless i can convince mom to either drive out or let me use her car or convince dad to let me use the car being lent to me tomorrow isnt going to work either, isnt that just grand?
    i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Happy to hear you're having a good time but you can keep the rain in your part of the country for the next couple of days. I generally love the rain and time in the boonies with no responsibilities sounds pretty good to me just about now. I'm envious.
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