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Corrections and Opinions

So, I was speaking with my father on the phone today, and I heard some of the most glorious words to ever reach my ears. He told me that, if I continued updating my LJ, and paid him back the money, he would purchase a permanent account for me tonight. He also informed me of an error in a previous post. So, unlike many newsmedia sources today, I am putting out a correction, with an apology.

I had written that my Dad had purchased the PowerShot Pro1 Digital Camera for my sister, only to find she didn't like it, and therefore acquired for himself a shiny camera. This was incorrect, and I am sorry.

The truth is, he and my sister had gone to Penn Camera to try out some cameras. Having researched beforehand, my father had decided that he would be leaving the store with that camera, possibly two, if my sister liked it. She did not like it, so Dad only purchased one, for himself.

So, there you go. I have corrected my mistake, but I am leaving the original post as-is, with the exception of adding a link to this post. I do this because it would be wrong of me to destroy what I had said, simply because it was misinformed. Now, upon writing the previous sentence, I had the terrible urge to delete it. But I won't. Because I refuse to hide my flaws. I will, however, work to repair any damage done because of them. Hence, the correction.

I think I'm going to be forced to write a lot of corrections and apologies here, because I have a horribly spotty memory. This, in turn, affects my writing. But I will write more on this later, because it is a rather large subject, and I don't want to bore you with it right now.

Yeah. These are the beginnings of posts I thought of just today. I'm thankful for my spotty memory, otherwise I suppose I would have to become a writer, else all the random thoughts would build up and make my brain be all ker-splodey. So, yeah, expect some randomness, and tell me what you think would turn out to be an interesting post.

So, I have discovered that the only Microsoft products I use on a day-to-day basis are simply the OS, IE6, and NotePad. I occasionally use MSPaint, as well, whenever I have anything of interest to submit to My DeviantArt Account. Beyond that, however, I generally don't use anything else.

I dislike Las Campanas brand microwaveable burritos. Mainly because of the fact that they stick together when they are frozen. Oh! Also, when you try to seperate them, they become a pile of tortilla shards and filling. And that's no fun to eat.

I call everyone shorter than me a midget, but I don't mean it offensively. I even use it to refer to my childhood. When I talk about actual midgets, though, I refer to them as little people. I find it interesting to note that, in it being Politically Correct to call them Little People, it is just a couple of synonyms away from calling them 'Wee Folk.' From there, it's only a matter of time before the Government rounds them up and interrogates them to find out where they are keeping their pots of gold.

I like being barefoot. It lets me feel the grass between my toes when I walk through the yard. It also reminds me of when I was a midget, except that now everything is so much smaller than before.

I have a hard time remembering things from when I was a specific age. I remember things by how tall I was. Like my Masonry story. I could only reference my age because I remembered that I was about five inches shorter than I am now, and from there I figured what grade I was in. From there, I was able to figure out how old I was.

I also have a hard time with sequence of events. It takes me a while to figure out what happened first, second, third, and so forth. So it would be a bad idea to have me as an alibi.

Yeah, I think seven is a good number of ideas to stop at.

So, there you go. If you read the things behind the cut, please comment on them. If you didn't, you made a wise decision. Also, I have a question that anyone who reads TCR_A1's Blog should know the answer to.


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