Eddie (edminster) wrote,

LJ-Cut, and me.

Yeah, this is a bizarre little story I just started writing. It's not finished, as you can see, but I'm not really in a mood to complete it right now. Like almost all of my stories, this is more a 'stream of consciousness' style, because I'm good at it, IMNSHO. Also, there is some foul language, so don't read if you are easily offended.

I never liked LJ-Cut. She was spiteful. I mean, I used to go out with her and everything, until I learned that everyone had been with her. I mean, just take a look around LiveJournal. There's hardly a post anymore where she isn't there. I'm just getting sick of her, I guess. But I can't fault her for it. It is her job, after all.

But I suppose I should tell you a bit of backstory before I keep dragging her name through the mud.

I met her when I was just starting to make my thoughts and opinions known to other people. We got together, every once in a while, but nothing serious, just for beers and shit like that. So, over a couple bottles of tequila one night, I tell her that I've been thinking about making my posts longer. She goes absolutely gaga over the idea.

So, I figure that, since she is so enthusiastic about my stories, it would be a good idea to invite her over to my place. Oy, that was a bad idea. When she got to my house, she went straight for my notebook, and started riffling through the pages. I asked her to stop, but she gave me some sort of bullshit excuse to keep going, something like 'If I'm gonna help you, I need to know about your inner secrets' or whatever. At that point, I was just too drunk to keep arguing, so I let her read.

Hmm... I think I'll use the 'Unholy Experiment in Progress' avi for all my fiction from now on...
Tags: seeds

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