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I was at my girlfriends house, speaking with her and her mother, when the subject turned to the Platypus.

Well, I should probably tell you the sequence of the conversation. I know that first, we were talking about crocheting, and how I needed to pick it up again. Then it turned to baby blankets, and then to children, and then to the House we would buy, to the garden I would plant there, to how Stacie's dad accidentally stepped on a baby bunny, to how I caught a duckling tonight, to the time I provoked a Canada Goose, to how Canada Geese have a spur on their wings, and finally, to how the male platypus has venomous spurs on their hind feet.

Yeah. I have conversations like that very often.

Anyway, back to the Platypus. I don't blame the scientists who first decried it as a fraudulent creature. I mean, not only does it have a bill, but it lays eggs, has venomous appendages, and is a mammal. At the same time. It's just too much to believe. I told my Sugar Booger's mother my theory on it, which is that G-d must have been wasted when He made it. Her response was one that made me smile.

She said it was so that we could laugh at something.

Even though it is abundantly clear in my past entries, I just want to say this officially. I love anything that will make me laugh. It is one of the things that fuels my life. Because without laughter, all the depressing realities of life set in. You need some sort of buffer against the sad stuff, or you will end up in a deep, dark, horrible pit of existence. Even in the bad stuff that happens, you have to find the humour. Like me. I hurt myself constantly, usually because of something I could have easily avoided. Like the glass. Or the Bacon. Or, the Goose. The cash register drawer. The list goes on and on.

But, living solely for entertainment is a bad, bad idea. Because jokes get old. And if there are no negative experiences, then you have nothing to compare the good times with.

Man, I seem to start happy and end serious with these last few posts...

Man, you gotta love the hamster mood picture for quixotic.

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