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That was odd...

Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy

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I like looking at how little things change my life. But not directly. I look at how a little thing can start a chain reaction lasting many, many years, intertwining with other chains, culminating in A Good Thing. Like my friends on Livejournal.

Specifically, imabeeinabox. Having her read my journal is by far one of the most circuitous chains I have yet to unravel. There are still a couple of loose ends I cannot quite recall, but for the most part, it is fairly straightforward. This chain spans continents, involves videogames, forums, books, zombies, a Macintosh enthusiast, and a Whole Mess of Online Time.

Let me begin at one of the beginnings of this chain. Heinlein. He inspired my love of post-nuclear apocolypse stories, with Farnham's Freehold, by far one of the most unusual books he has written. But back to my point, which is that if I hadn't been in love with those scenarios, I would never have started playing Fallout on PC.

Now, Fallout was introduced to me by my Brother, who placed it on the Family Computer. It was an unspoken understanding that any game he put on that computer was playable by anyone, so long as they didn't mess with his savegames. So, I started playing it. A lot. I ended up beating the game before he did, and promptly went online to search for cheat codes and Mods. Which brings me to the first Continent Jump.

When searching for places that would be the source of Mods, I stumbled upon Vault 52 which is based out of Belgium. It also houses the ambitious project of a completely Flash and Javascript game set in the Fallout Universe, which is what attracted me to it in the first place. The site also has a forum, and this is where I met Skenvoy, who plays an important part in this chain. But more on that in a little bit.

The second beginning of this chain also begins with an author. Namely, Kurt Vonnegut, and his novel Slapstick. Online, while following a link from Borklog concerning a Zombie Infection Simulation, I discovered Kevan had also made a middle-name assignation system, based off of the one in Slapstick.

While looking through the list of my Chipmunk-12 cousins, I found vita_morsque. That is what introduced me to the Wonder that is LiveJournal. I quickly set up an account, and transferred my previous, ad-cluttered blog to here. I am happy I did this.

After a few weeks of not having anybody read my journal, I decided to ask the Owner of Vault 52 if I could promote it in his forum. He said 'yes,' and I posted a thread asking how many other people were on livejournal. This is the next continent hop. After a while, Skenvoy, a New Zealander, known here as twilight_dusk, posted a link to her journal.

And this is where we start getting within sight of the end of this post. Right after hopping back to the US.

After commenting on something in Sken's journal, I noticed that someone else had also posted, using the name edminister. Being ever vigilant for lost Edminsters, I became intrigued by this fellow. As it turns out, he is not related to me, but the chance encounter made me inquisitive. In reading his posts, I found a link to imabeeinabox.

I ended up commenting on one of her posts, and it started turning into a discussion. That discussion prompted me to write what I consider my better essays, which I posted in my journal. Apparently, it impressed her, and together with all my other posts here, has made her add me to her friends list.

Oh, crappit. I didn't realise it was this early/late. I started writing this around 2300, and now look. I have no sense of time passing when I'm writing. Anyway, I gotta get to bed, so Have a Nice Day, Everyone!
  • Yeah, it's pretty weird how you can accumulate friends that way on LJ...come for the snarky comments, stay for the angsty navelgazing! ~_^

    Obviously it's not all that way. Apparently some folks are actually interested in what I think about anime, SF and current events, which is kind of neat, and some of these people also seem to be interested in this odd life I lead.
  • Sometimes it is the most insignificant happenings that end up having the greatest impact due to the serendipitous linking of events. It seems to me, even in this short period of time, that you are more comfortable with writing. This may seem an odd request but I have never read the Kurt Vonnegut novel you mentioned. Could you, behind one of your now famous lj cuts, write me a thumbnail sketch no less than 100 words, no more than 200? My daughter is a fan of his but I've never had time to read anything by him.

    We interrupt this post for a mom comment: Beware video games, they're addictive!

    Okay, back to work on the new patio.
    • Yeah, I am well aware of how addicting videogames are. I haven't read Slapstick in a while, so it might take me a little bit to track down a copy and reread it, so please be patient while I do that.
      • No hurry at all and don't re-read it just on my account. I thought it might still be fresh on your mind. And understand that anytime I make a request like that, it is just a request and should be done only if you want to. Different people see things from different perspectives based on their own experiences and I just find it very interesting comparing notes with people on books and seeing if they get out of it the same things I do. Let me know if you are indeed going to re-read it and I will try to find a copy and read it at the same time. Then we can compare notes if that kind of thing is of interest to you.
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