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That was odd...

You'd be surprised...

You'd be surprised...

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I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've had... stuff... to do, and people to talk to. Also, it doesn't help that I am slightly addicted to a minigame that a forum I frequent has. Oy. I am surprised at how all-consuming simulated fishing can be. Anyway, I have a little thing I wish to share. I was looking through the interests page of someone random, and I came across a large number of things to add to mine. It also showed me something very unusual.

Apparently, not many people on LiveJournal are interested in not being on fire.

Now, I'm not a college graduate (yet), but it seems to me that most people would go to great lengths to avoid immolation, and yet they don't seem to be putting that into their interests. I'm also surprised at the sheer number of people interested in bumfights. For those of you not in the know, a bumfight is what happens when two homeless people beat the crap out of each other in order to win scraps of food or money from onlookers.

Quite disgusting, really. I am shocked at the amount of people who find it amusing. I am ashamed of their callous disregard for human life, and their trivialisation of homelessness. But I don't want to write about depressing and disturbing things. I want to write about happiness, and fun. Like Gaia Online.

I was urged into Gaia by Rou Cage, who is a friend of mine hailing from Denmark. Cool guy. Anyway, I started posting and earning gold, and writing stories, until I realised that I should make my Avatar look like how my posts describe him. Granted, the Avatar system does not allow for different body frames, but it does offer an incredible amount of customisation.

There are literally millions of combinations allowable in the system, and I had to narrow it down to just one, to describe me. I chose the following:


So, yeah. He warrants an explanation. But not right now. Later. I'm sleepy now. Somebody please remind me to do a writeup of my Gaia character sometime, okay? Odds are, I'd completely forget to do it, much how I always forget pretty much everything. Urgh. Stupid lack of any semblance of a memory...
  • Ooo, now I'm interested in what your avatar signifies! :D Please don't forget! I'll remind you in your next entry too if you don't provide an explanation. Hehe, I like it though!

    Goodness, I can't believe that 118 people claimed to be interested in bumfights. . . You're right, that is absolutely awful. Also, I got a kick out of what you were saying about not being caught on fire. :P It's amazing that the number is barely in the double-digits, haha.
  • I actually thought about what it would feel like to be on fire...I was going through a particularly stupid phase. I stopped wondering after my dad started teaching me how to barbeque.
    I singed the hair on my arms and nearly caught my hair on fire.
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