Eddie (edminster) wrote,

News of the day

Right, I am working on a story that I am tentatively calling 'Tech support... to the MAX!!!1!' and it is trying to have a life of it's own. But I'm not too worried about it, though. It makes it interesting to see how it will take itself. It's part of the Memoirs of Craig Retsnimde, so I'm sorry to disappoint the Ed fans. Although, this story *does* affect Ed, so stay tuned. Anyway, the story should be up within a couple of weeks, and I should be able to get the bulk of it transcribed onto LJ on Saturday. Not sure, though. Anyway, thanks, everybody, for your kind words earlier, I needed them. And Stacie, I know you're not perfect. You'd be boring if you were. Mi corazón pertenece a usted, Stacie.
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