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Allow myself to introduce... myself...

Several years ago, I was looking at joining an online forum. Being still rather new to the interweb, I was cautious in choosing a username. I wanted something I could remember, but not something that would sound stupid, or fake, or anything besides interesting. So, after many hours of debating amongst several uninspired names, I settled upon my last name. Edminster.

I like it. The name sounds interesting, especially if it is the only moniker people know me by. Plus, it adds a layer of anonymity, as well, since many people would think it a variation of the name Elminster, a well-known character from Dungeons and Dragons. So, I decided to keep it, for all of my Internet Adventures.

Now, for most people, it would be fairly impossible to use their last names as a screenname. Mainly because they are so incredibly common. But, luckily for me, Edminster is one of the least heard of names out there, so I could use it wherever I wished. Well, almost anywhere. Every once in a while, I'll find some incredibly mainstream webservice, and the name is taken. So, I fall back on the other name, the one that is 100% guaranteed not to be taken. RetsnimdeCorp.

To be completely honest, though, RetsnimdeCorp isn't entirely my Idea. At least, I don't think it is. I'm not entirely sure who inspired it, anymore. But, I am fairly certain it involved my Dad. All I know for sure is, the name sounds Way Awesomely Cool, and it looks Way Awesomely Cool. But, I digress. I was supposed to be talking about my choice of the name Edminster, and how it has affected me. Back to that.

I know it sounds silly now, but I wanted to be the Edminster I had created, with the witty remarks, and interesting links, and the touch of insanity. It got to the point that I began fleshing out his background, where he lives, his family, all that good stuff. But, I eventually dropped it, so I could write the Story of Ed.

In looking back at all of my forum posts, from the very beginning to now, I notice something. In the handful of years I have been online as a forum frequenter, I have matured. From my early days at Public Stoning (the first forum I was on), to my latest posts on Vault 52 and Gaia, I am a much different person. More in touch with the community, more concerned about others, much less of a power-monger, and much more interesting. In short, I have become myself.

And I'm glad of that. But, I am even more glad that people accept the real me. It means I don't have to keep a completely seperate life history in part of my head, to keep a fiction alive. I much prefer having only one life to keep track of, only having to make stories for entertaining rather than deceiving.

And I like entertaining. It makes me feel like I have a purpose. It also lets me have an outlet for all the creativity in my brain. Admitttedly, it is not much creativity, but for what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in utter off-the-wallness. I like that. I like that a lot.

I also like that people from all over the world are encouraging me to write. Sure, the number of my fans is only around a dozen people, but what matters is, people actually like my writing. It truly is an incredible feeling for a person who was, within the past year or so, diagnosed with having the writing ability of an average twelve-year-old.

I never dreamed of becoming a writer, or a story-teller. Hell, I never even thought I could have a serious relationship, what with the severe A.D.D. and all. But, I am a writer now. And I am a story-teller. And I have the support of the most wonderful gal I have ever met. I am not the abject failure I always feared I would become. But I am not quite the success I wanted, yet. I am, right now. simply, myself.

I am an aspiring writer, a dreamer, a devoted boyfriend, ethical, dependable. A concerned citizen, a free speech supporter, a Government watcher. An idealist, a realist, a humanist, environmentalist. I dram of safety in the streets, but not at the cost of freedom. I donate blood when I can, and give to charity. I am always, always willing to lend an ear, or a shoulder to cry on, or some money 'til payday. Hell, I'll even give you one of my kidneys, if you need it. But, most important of all, I am a person.

Just call me Nick.
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