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The Story of Ed (continued (some more))

According to the medical reports, not only had my eye been gouged out, but Marcos had split my side open and utterly destroyed one of my kidneys. So, yeah, I am really, really glad that I passed out when that shiv hit my optic nerve. But, you know, the funny thing is, Marcos coulda just killed me outright by stabbing my heart while I was laying there on the floor. But he didn't. Guess that means he still loved me and wanted me to live.

He sure chose an odd way to show it, though.

But, you know, what irks me most is that I can't question him as to why he didn't murder me. You see, I can't ask him because he is dead. He was killed by a security guard while I was still in the ICU. I'm not gonna tell you how he died, exactly, but I will tell you about the circumstances surrounding his death. It was during a prison break, they tell me.

The day after I was discovered and rushed to the ICU, a mad scientist or something smashed through most of the prison in a giant robot contraption. Well, not exactly giant. Thing was supposedly only rather large, I hear, but it took out a couple of cellblocks, and killed a guy who was being executed. Kinda ironic, innit? Anyway, I didn't see any of this personally, you know. I was too busy out cold in Intensive Care.

Anyway, after the robot thingy had passed on through the prison, the inmates decided to see if the thing had disabled the locking mechanisms during it's rampage. It had. So, being the good little prisoners they were, they decided to take this golden opportunity, and get the hell outta Dodge. Reasonable, seein' as how nobody wants to stick around after a giant robot attack.

With a large group of convicted felons are accidentally released from a penitentiary, the Warden takes notice. So, being the intelligent man he was, and having kept his job by stopping this sort of situation, he sent out a bunch of two-man recovery squads to bring back the prisoners. All but one of the teams reported back, with all but one of the runaways.

When the Warden was notified of the missing persons, he sent the recovery squads out again. They didn't find the bodies for a week.

There were three bodies. One was dead from gunshot wounds, one from stab wounds, and the third from a self-inflicted shot to the head. Two of the bodies were in uniform, one in a prison jumpsuit. One of the bodies was tied up. I will not say who was where, because I don't want anybody to think ill of the dead. It is obvious, though, that somebody went off their rocker.

The two guards, W.Q. Framlington and K.M. Namiak, are sorely missed by friends and family. Their absence makes the community they lived in grieve. Their children grow up without their Fathers, and their wives continue on as widows. Marcos is missed by nobody, save one person. Me. Because I know who was whom, in the woods. I saw the bodies when they were carried in. I was the only one at his funeral, too. It was there that I got the shock of my life.

Marcos had willed his entire estate to me, provided I do something good with my life, and stay out of trouble. That's where this ring is from. Everyday, it is a reminder of how fleeting life is, and the pain one must endure to get what one most desires. For Marcos, he wanted to see me happy, and successful. So, yeah. I earned this ring. And I'm still earning it, each and every day of my life.
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