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Extreme Tech Support (continued)

The Linux Lunatics were, and I assume still are, a group of friends who like to do things in a slightly less-conventional manner than other people. While this does hamper their activities in the world, it allows for an unprecedented ability to meet whatever challenges arise. This fact appealed to the gadgeteer in Bob, so he was very eager to begin working with them.

What sealed the deal, however, was an edict proposed by the Loonies. Every aspect of the design, construction, and implementation of the 'Mech would have to be made available for public use, free of charge. Bob quite nearly hugged the entire team. He is one of the biggest supporters of free information that I have ever met. It's gotten to the point where his friends worry about him, sometimes. Well, except for me, that is. I think it's neat.

Anyway, let's go back to Bob, in the garage. He's already gotten the main unit constructed and wired together, and is now working on the peripherals. Several pairs of half-finished legs are piled in a corner, waiting for the circuitry and hydraulics needed to bring them to life. In the center of the spacious parking area we find Bob, toiling away on a segment of the weapons array. Soldering the last transistor into place, he then straightened up, looked around the room, and smiled. Things were progressing quite nicely.
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