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That was odd...



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Right. Seein' as how the good people at RinkWorks frown upon reader submissions to their Movie-A-Minute section, I thought I'd post mine here, to share it with everyone. So, without further prolonging of an already needlessly long introduction, I give you my Movie-A-Minute review of:

White Noise
Directed by: Geoffrey Sax

Jonathon Rivers: My wife is dead! I will contact her with EVP!

Psychic: Don't!

JONATHON disregards the PSYCHIC's advice, and continues. SCARY STUFF happens, and JONATHON ends up DEAD in an abandoned WAREHOUSE.

Writer: Remember, folks, don't try contacting the dead at home. Leave all things concerning the afterlife up to the professionals. Like psychics, or the Ghostbusters.

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