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*snerk* BWAHAHAHAHA! (or: Excerpts from My Notebook) Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, imabeeinabox!

Ahhh, life is good. Says so, right on my shirt. Despite some unusual (read: creepyfied) happenings, this past week has been incredible. Almost unreal. And, I kept my notebook with me throughout most of it, so I can remember a whole bunch.

First, lyssa_bear and I were walking through a park this evening around 2115. As I breathed in for a small yawn, something small and luminescent struck the back of my throat. Now, since food is the only thing that touches that particular part of my anatomy, I reflexively swallowed. Hiccoughing slightly, I turned to my wonderful girlfriend and said, "Yeah, definitely, I just swallowed a firefly."
Quoth the charming, lovable, intelligent, girl of my dreams walking alongside me, "Now your poopy's gonna be all glowy!"
Gawd, I love that girl.

Now, I have a Gmail account, and I have a small program called the Gmail Notifier. For those of you who don't know, it is this nifty little program that sits in your toolbar, and pops up a little window whenever new mail hits the Inbox. So, when I logged on to the network, I am hit with six email notifications. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I normally recieve only one email a day, and that's from a newsletter I signed up for. So, six emails was rather unusual for me.

Imagine my surprise when, about a minute after commenting on a comment left in my LJ, I recieved an email notification I check my email, respond appropriately, and continue on my way. I didn't count how many times it happened, but it was a lot, and for some reason it seemed funnier every time it happened.

A quote from my sister, after receiving "Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think" in a fortune cookie:
I don't get it...

Okay, that's enough random thoughts from my brain. Let's move on to random thoughts from my notebook. This is the kind of stuff I think about at work, but doesn't really 'click', so I don't pursue it. Enjoy.

A conversation I had with a co-worker, after telling her about the proposal to repeal the 22nd amendment.
CW: We need Bush out of office
Me: Why?
CW: Because he's f**ked over the country.
Me: Well, so did Clinton.
CW: (after a moment of thought) Yeah, but Clinton did it in a fun way.

Quote from a different co-worker:
You wanna hear my chicken story?

(undated entry, intended for posting that night)
For one magical moment today, I felt like a Pirate. I had an Eyepatch on, a Sword strapped at my hip, and a Parrot squawking 'Pieces of Eight' while it was perched on my shoulder. Well, to be completely honest, I had neither Eyepatch nor Steel with me, but I still had a parrot nuzzling my ear. His name is Riley, and I am the only guy he doesn't try to outright kill. Makes me feel all warm and piratey inside.

Yeah, there's TONS more random nonsense, but it is Late, and I am Tired. Plus, I seem to be Randomly capitalising The first Letter of various words. But never the Same words. They change What Words they be and things. It is 0100 now, and I started writing this entry at 2226 yesterday. I will sleep, now.
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