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That was odd...

I Am A Dumbass.

I Am A Dumbass.

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In the interest of being completely honest, I have been absent these past two weeks because I have been Grounded. Yes, yes, I know, it's incredible. But, it was wholly deserved. And, it gave me a new appreciation for what you can do without a computer. Anyway, I should probably get to my point, so here it is.

On the night of the Harry Potter Book Six sale, lyssabear and I went to Borders. We ended up being out until around three in the morning, so I crashed over at her place. Now, this in itself isn't the thing that got me in trouble. What got me in trouble was the fact that I didn't call home and let my Parents know where I was. And I can't say I forgot, because Lyssabear reminded me. I am a dumbass.

So, when I get home, I find that I have no computer at all. My shiney new laptop, freshly paid for by me, is gone. I couldn't even play solitaire. And, the thing that makes the whole punishment as torturous as possible, I was not allowed to see my Sugar Booger for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! That was not fun at all.

Anyway, instead of lifeblogging, I got a notebook and started writing down random trains of thought I was having. That's a future post. Also, about midway through the grounding, I latched on to designing a new Logo for RetsnimdeCorp. So, the second week of my punishment is spread around 80/20 between Logo and Journal. If I can get a hold of a scanner, I'll post the entire sequence of how the Logo started and its latest incarnation. I think it looks nifty. Nifty enough that I drew it in MSPaint. It's my LJ user Icon for this post.

Anyway, that's it for this post. Glad to hear that (most) everyone is alive and well. Stay safe out there in Internet Land, everyone.
  • Always, always, always call your mom so she doesn't have to stay up all night worrying about you. You know what they say, "when Mama's not happy, ain't nobody happy!" It is good though to have a reminder every once in a while as to what life was like before computers took over the world. I just started the new Harry Potter this weekend while waiting for disgraissa's new tires to be put on her car. Haven't gotten very far though as the deck is monopolizing my time.
  • Well it is certainly awesome to have you back! I'm glad to know that you've come upon some benefits in having access to the lovely ol' Internet taken away.

    After staring at your logo for a few minutes, I have concluded that it certainly is a work of art. Great job on it, really. It is rather impressive that you've managed to squish all of those letters into a single rectangle. . . Cool!! :D
  • Heh, I was starting to wonder why you weren't online. Long time no talk.
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