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Oh, Gawds, I am tired. Not sure why, either. I've just been incredibly exhausted for the past couple of days. I'ma get to sleep after I post this, so I should be getting a bunchamunchacruncha sleep. I've got a good sixteen pages of notebook to post here, as well as the evolution of the New RetsnimdeCorp Logo to post. I needs to get me a good flatbed scanner. Also, I need a good photoshop program, preferably something on par with Adobe Photoshop. I need a haircut. Can you tell I'm pretty much typing down what I'm thinking? So tired. When I yawn, it makes me cry. Not the sad kind of cry, though. I just get all teary-eyed, and sometimes a teardrop etches its way down my face. I've never heard of this happening to anyone else. Also, I think I might need to start considering upping the dosage of my Zoloft. I've just been real irritable, lately, and yesterday, I left work early in order to avoid saying something I might regret to a customer. It wasn't my customer, though. My drawer had been counted down for the night already, so I was just standing off to the sidelines, listening to her be nonsensical. So I left, a good ten minutes early, after explaining to a manager that I had to leave before saying something stupid. the Manager agreed that it was a good idea, and that he knew the lady was, in fact, wrong. Is it just my jaded view, or is the General Public becoming stupider by the day? If I'm still this easily frustrated when I'm not exhausted, I'll talk with my doctor about increasing the dosage. Wow, it something need sleep. You safe land internet.
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