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Right. Now, I have a notebook of mini-essays, and a Livejournal, and not too much stuff to do. But, I also get distracted very easily. So, to shift the blame away from my lazy arse, I would like to present to you my Reasons for Not Posting My Notebooks Yet:

Umm... Evil Space Monkeys from the Antares System crashlanded in my neighbour's cousin's roommate's aunt's step-broher's house, and I had to take time out from my busy schedule to keep them from prising the Jeweled Scepter of Amun-Ra out of the Mysterious Cavern of Spookiness that was conveniently located adjacent to the IHOP of Tasty Pancakes, instead of typing it up.

Yeah, that was lame. I take full responsibility for the lack of a friggen' huge post to make up for my absence.
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