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Right. I'm at my Dad's house right now, and on a last minute decision, I brought my Laptop along. Now, I never expected to encounter civilisation out here in the boonies, but there are two, count 'em, TWO wireless networks out here, and I am able to connect to both of 'em. So, it looks like I'm not stuck with AOL at my Dad's from now on! Booya!

In other news, I have discovered that it is fun to sketch the things that come to my head. Unfortunately, since I never paid any attention in the various art classes I had in school, I suck at anything beyond the basic skeletal frames used to make the basic shape of the final drawing. But that's okay, I have friends who are actual artists, and I could probably beat them until they give me free find a way to get art out of them.

I really, really want my own flatbed scanner...
But I also like eating during the week...

Anyway, soon as I can get to a scanner, I'ma post what I think are my less crappy sketches and designs.
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