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That was odd...



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lime cat
I am happy. I now have a decent paintshop proggy. Now, I just need a flatbed scanner, a drawing tablet, a good digital camera, and eight metric tonnes of Gold. Anyway, I managed to get a couple of my sketches scanned in using my Mom's scanner this morning, and I'm fixing them up in PaintShop. I will post them when I deem them ready.
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    ElderEd here. I have an antique parallel port flatbed scanner that is looking for a loving home. Worked fine when it was replaced by a an all-in-one printer,scanner,copier. It is a Canon model FB320P. You can probably check the specs on it on-line and if you want it, its yours. May not have time to get it in the mail though. We fly out to Washington & Oregon Monday afternoon. Be back on August 30.
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