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That was odd...



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Right-O. I said I'd put the piccy up, and by golly, I did! *waits for the applause to die down*
Anyway, I like it, but the proportions are just off enough to make me see billions of flaws. Enh, whatever.

  • *steals the virginity of the comment board* WOot! We love it Ed!!!
  • A writer and an artist. Who'd have known? Great sketch, don't knit-pick just enjoy the greatness that is Ed or Nick or ... oh whatever!
    • Not bad. I've seen much worse in art shows.
    • Yeah, really. You'll stop enjoying it. Really, just enjoy the accomplishment. *knows this as draws worse then you* If that's your first drawing, I hate you. *was reallllly sucky*
  • I like that look on his face. . . He looks confident and humble at the same time! :D I dunno if that is the look you were shooting for. . . but that's how I perceive it. Heehee!
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