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I'm Afraid.

I am seriously, at this moment, absolutely terrified that Jack Thompson may somehow win in his crusade to completely annhilate videogames. I mean, I know that he is absolutely batshit fucking loco, but that doesn't stop me from worrying over how he might just be Heinlein's prophecy of Nehemiah Scudder incarnated in a twisted form. I am afraid that enough people will fall for his doubletalk and lies that there will be some major change in the way media is processed. I can only envision massive furnaces built to destroy all things that relate to violence, sex, and anything that Jack does not personally want to exist.

I'm scared. I know I shouldn't be, and that he is just a crazy man who has no idea what he's talking about, but I'm still scared of a future where he wins his cases. And I know, that if he dies mysteriously, there is no chance in hell of the Government keeping out of the Videogame industry. No matter what happens with any of this, there is no chance of life returning to normal.

I'm scared, and there's nobody around to hold me...
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