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That was odd...



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Yeah. I have yet to keep a deadline.
And yes, this means I haven't finished the transcription.
Should be up... eventually.
  • <-- Yay for the llama song!!!

    Heehee, that's alright!! As long as you're making progress, that is. :D
  • I am a grown up, I am a grown up, I am a .....

    .... but it's so very hard to wait. Okay, once again, I am a grown up. And thanks for sticking with it. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. And BTW, did I ever get around to saying that I think you are no more like Hitler than I think I am like Gandhi? Stupid memes.
    • Re: I am a grown up, I am a grown up, I am a .....

      Yeah, you did.
      Also, I don't think the journal is that good, so don't get your hopes up, as I don't like dashing them.
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