Eddie (edminster) wrote,


I'm stuck at my dad's place til Easter, and the only net access is dial up on aol on a computer with 64 mb of RAM. Which means every website I go to loads after about a thirty year wait. But otherwise, I like it here, 'cuz I get to see my cats, and I like the cats. I also have a lot of free time to watch movies, and read books. Right now I'm reading Divine Intervention by Ken Wharton, which is a surprisingly good read for a book from one of those Dollar stores. I'm also watching The Incredibles on DVD. It has a great message throughout the story, which, if you think about it, is not very politically correct. The message is along the lines of the fact that not everyone is special, and being special is a big responsibility.
Anyway, my sister is complaining that she can't be in constant contact with her friends, so I can't stay online.
Sorry, no random link today, and no random image.
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