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That was odd...

Dial-Up Beware!

Dial-Up Beware!

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Right. So, I recently got a new digital camera. To put it quite simply, I am in love with it. It's not the Canon PowerShot Pro1 that I wanted, but it is still surprisingly versatile. I've gotten a half-dozen pictures that are, in my completely and utterly unbiased opinion, more beautiful than anything ever created. I'm posting 'em below the cut, as I know some of you are still on dialup. Which brings me a dilemma. While I want to continue talking, I also want to respect wombat_socho's request that people actually use the 'cut' tag. So, in order to promote my Mad Photography Skillz, I will not ramble.

Innit Adorable?

Little Creek Revisited

Also, I have a DeviantArt account, if anyone is interested in looking at it...
  • I envy your ability with a digital camera. I took photos of disgraissa's senior show but she said the pictures all sucked. No one else took pictures so now she has no portfolio (in case she wants to continue with grad school). I tried taking some of her while she was here this weekend for the closing and they all bit also. Yours on the other hand a fabulous.
  • Fuzzy cute creature that I'm totally not sure about what it is! I could take a guess...I could take a very good guess...I see no tail...and I don't want to offend the fuzzy creature with my bad (horrible) memory.

    Spiffintacular pics!
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