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That was odd...

Dial-Up Beware!

Dial-Up Beware!

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Right. So, I recently got a new digital camera. To put it quite simply, I am in love with it. It's not the Canon PowerShot Pro1 that I wanted, but it is still surprisingly versatile. I've gotten a half-dozen pictures that are, in my completely and utterly unbiased opinion, more beautiful than anything ever created. I'm posting 'em below the cut, as I know some of you are still on dialup. Which brings me a dilemma. While I want to continue talking, I also want to respect wombat_socho's request that people actually use the 'cut' tag. So, in order to promote my Mad Photography Skillz, I will not ramble.

Innit Adorable?

Little Creek Revisited

Also, I have a DeviantArt account, if anyone is interested in looking at it...
  • Fuzzy cute creature that I'm totally not sure about what it is! I could take a guess...I could take a very good guess...I see no tail...and I don't want to offend the fuzzy creature with my bad (horrible) memory.

    Spiffintacular pics!
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