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That was odd...

Regarding my Teeth

Regarding my Teeth

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So, today, I had a dentist's appointment.

My wisdom teeth are riddled with cavities.

But that's okay, they're impacted, so they have to be removed anyway.

Which I find to be weird, because I have no pain in them whatsoever.

Also, I have apparently been grinding my teeth from stress.

My canines are now incisors.

At least I'm not on fire.
  • -steals comment virginity-
    And that's why the price of gasoline is expected to go down.
    Ed is not on fire.
    Who needs canines?
    I have two dogs.
  • *nods* I'm very glad to know you're not on fire. Sorry to hear about all the dental work that needs to be done. At least when it is over you'll have no worries about your teeth for quite a long time! :D Hehe.
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