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That was odd...

Good News, In Between News, and Bad News.

Good News, In Between News, and Bad News.

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First off, the good news.
I am officially an Assistant Store Director at my job. That means I get more money, and health benefits. It also brings a lot more responsibility, but that's okay, as I was doing most of the managerish stuff anyways.
Second piece of good news:
I finally have RetsnimdeCorp.com registered. It's mine for the next five years. Sure, it's only my livejournal right now, but I hope to make it more than that in the coming years. Anybody interested in becoming an unpaid webmonkey to do site creation and maintenance? If not, I'm just gonna have to learn site design.
Third portion of good news:
I seem to have at least partially overcome my writer's block. I've also found out that I like writing random scenes, and then linking them all together after I finish writing them.

On to the in-between news.
Not much, just that since becoming a manager in a ludicrously understaffed pet store, I don't really have any chance to get a lunch break. Or a chance to grab breakfast. So, I'm reluctantly on the 'no food at all except for maybe dinner' diet. Combine that with the not being able to sleep well, and you get a tired, hungry, doubleplus mood-swing-prone Nick.And that's no fun at all.

Now, the bad news. Not about me, but still unfortunate. imabeeinabox's brother has cancer. Please, keep him in your prayers.
  • Good luck with RetsnimdeCorp.com!! That's pretty awesome. I look forward to seeing it evolve!

    Congrats about your job, and hurray for obliterating (if only partially) writer's block!! Writing chunks of a story then linking them might be fun. . . *must try*

    I hope the best for imabeeinabox and her brother. . .
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