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Spam and Gmail.

I get a lot of spam. On the night of 31 August, I cleaned out the spam folder on my inbox completely. It is now 20 September, not quite three weeks later. I have 375 pieces of spam. According to Gmail, at least. In reality, I have 376 pieces of spam. There was one email that passed through Gmail's filters, and quite frankly, I know exactly how. But first, let's see if you know why. Here's the email, in its entirety:

Bob <kzl333@citiz.net> to me

Dear retsnimdecorp@gmail.com:

We specializing in Email Marketing.

1. Targeted list

We can provide target email list you need. We will customize
your client list.

* We have millions of list in many categories.

2. Sending Targeted Marketing for you

We can send your email message to your target clients! We will
customize your email list and send your ad for you.

* We also offer Hosting & mail server.


Marketing Team

To Bye: NoBob@hotmail.com

Incredibly simple. It isn't heavily-laden with images, it doesn't have a giant list of nonsense words at the bottom intended to fool filters, and it doesn't even provide a link to a website. Speaking of the nonsense words, I'm going to include a sentence from some spam in my posts from now on. Anyway, I believe it was the sheer simplicity, the vagueness about the whole thing, that allowed it to end up in my inbox rather than the spam folder. So, I haven't reported it as spam. I admire it too much, plus, it's rather humourous. And everyone knows how much I love me some humour.

But then again, who doesn't?

Good night everybody, and stay safe in Internet Land!

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