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It's been a year already?!

I measure time very strangely. For me, determining when something happened is completely independent of the calender. For example, I don't know how old I was when such and such happened; I remember how tall I was. Or what fruits were in season. Or my shoe size. Or a myriad group of other, equally random criteria.

The point I'm trying to make is, time is measured by random memories in my life. This post has been triggered by a pomegranate.

Just about one year ago, I was in a grocery store looking for various tastyful things to butter up my Professors with. I saw a giant bin filled with pomegranates, and immediately grabbed a dozen. Not for the teachers, though. For me. I loves me some good pomegranate. Anyway, flash-forward to today, and I sit here at my computer munching on a nice fresh pomegranate purchased yesterday when it hits me: I am a year older.

And I don't mean that like a 'Happy Birthday!' kind of realisation. More of a 'ohcrapwhathappenedtomylifewhatdidIaccomplishwhereamIgoingwhataremyplans?' kind of thing.

So, I had to take stock, and look back at what I've done in the past year. No explanations are given, these are my accomplishments and defeats.

I have:
*Become one of the top three Fencers at FCC (Booyah!)
*Failed English 101 twice (stupid ADD...)
*Eaten well over two dozen pomegranates (Yummy!)
*Rode a bicycle three miles through a torrential downpour (More fun than you would think.)
*Learned the joys of Public Transportation (Not showing up for class sweaty and out of breath!)
*Started dozens of stories (Some of them good)
*Finished none (Sorry...)
*Got a loving Girlfriend (Half a year on 14 October!)
*Got a 0.00 GPA for my second semester of college (damned withdrawal from lack of meds!)
*Purchased a beautiful laptop (spilled strawberry jelly on the keyboard the next day)
*Become Nocturnal (Like an Owl!)
*Become Diurnal (Sunlight is Good!)
*Bought far too many books (No time to read, anymore)
*Bought a sword (Well, it wasn't technically me who bought it...)
*Enjoyed watching fireworks (and setting them off)
*Increased my number of friends sevenfold (And yet, I've never met most of them)
*Overdrafted my checking account (Twice, by my reckoning)
*Lost all contact with the Internet for a fortnight (I was stupid.)
*Stabbed myself (Damned coconuts...)
*Removed stitches by myself (felt real funky.)
*Got a Digital camera (and taken in excess of 500 pictures (twenty of them good))
*Lost thirty-seven pounds (on my trademark diet!)
*Become a Manager (more work than I expected.)
*Purchased RetsnimdeCorp.Com (one of my life goals)
*Discovered that a mysterious family member is a brilliant writer (and has a refreshing view on life)
*typed up a list of my accomplishments (and posted it online)

There you go. My list of accomplishments and defeats. I don't feel like an unproductive, unmotivated slug anymore.

Good night everybody, and stay safe out there in Internet Land!
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