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That was odd...

I suppose I should update.

I suppose I should update.

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Grah. First full week as a manager, and I am already stretched to the breaking point. That's not to say I can't handle it, though. It just means that a lot of crap has happened this week.

You know, it's not really a good sign when you cannot figure out what 75 + 68 equals to save your life. It is, however, a sign that you are
a) overworked
b) overtired
c) underfed
d) overstressed

Which essentially describes my week. I can't really pick out specific events, apart from the Day of Lost Math Skills, or the Day of Unloading Fifty Bajillion Pallets of Merchandise, or the Day of Opening the Store and being the Only Manager until 1600 with a Shipment of Toys coming in and Oh Yeah your Cashier who was Scheduled to Open with you is Sick but didn't Call In so you have to be Manager Cashier Recieving Manager and Help Customers choose items all at the Same Time.

...so, yeah. Stressful. Did I mention that I was also house-sitting for my parents, who were in South Carolina? Or how about that I've garnered enough hours in four days that in order to avoid having overtime, I have to leave work a few hours early tomorrow? Even though I'll already be working less than eight hours already tomorrow?

It's really getting to me. Working for over eight hours straight everyday with no opportunity for a lunch break (or any break, for that matter) totally sucks. It's run me down to the point that I completely shut down for a while, with sobbing and everything, because I purchased the wrong type of memory card for my camera. I was pathetisad.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. Good night, everybody, and stay safe out there in Internet Land!
  • Hey, there's no shame in admitting to being stressed out from all the different loads put on you. Your bosses really do need to get you some help so you can at least take the breaks you're entitled to. Working eight hours straight with no break for lunch may not even be legal under state law down home, but since I haven't worked down there in almost ten years I don't claim to know what the labor laws are. Good luck, and hang in there!
  • I hear you, dude...

    It will actually be a good thing for you to have a brief workday tomorrow-
    You NEED a break!
  • 143 Ed.
    That's what it is.
    It's alright. It all is.
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