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That was odd...

The Kickoff

The Kickoff

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NaNoWriMo preparation month is officially here, and I need help. I can't really decide what to title my Novel. So, I created a little poll. Keep in mind, the contents of the book will in no way be affected by the title choice. I just have a bunch of ideas, and I am crap at narrowing them down. So, please help, and pick what you think would be the best one. Or, if you have a suggestion of an even better title, post it in the 'Other' box. As with all of my posts, comments are greatly appreciated. Also, please get your friends to vote, too. The more opinions I get, the better I can understand my audience.

Poll #581616 NaNoWriMo Novel Title

What should the title be?

Slave Boy in Lust
That was Odd...
Dear God, why is this happening to Me?
I was an Innocent Bystander
Nuances of Speculative Writing
I just realised I have to write Fifty-Thousand Words in a month, and I can't even come up with a decent title.


  • Mousepad. It's just cool like that. And then you can draw all these really strange analogys or whatever I'm trying to say. Woot.
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