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That was odd...



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As some of you know, I have a shiny new digicam. It gets some kickass pictures. I ask you to check 'em out on DeviantArt, and to pass my gallery along to friends, and such. I want lots of feedback, and I wants it now.

Be sure to check out my picture of Wally, as he is the best picture I have taken, IMHO.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know.

Good night, and stay safe in Internet Land!
  • -steals comment virginity- I'll look when I'm on my laptop. Everything has a greeeen tinge. It's annoying.
  • I love your pix ...

    ... my favorite I think is "Curiosity", well at least it is today. You really are amazing with a camera and I am quite jealous.
  • Wally

    Great Pic Nick! Never seen such a critter. Here's a trick I learned from a bugologist (maybe that is a biologist) friend. If you can, put a ruler or something of known size (like a penny) in the picture for size reference. Unless you want us to believe that it was perched on the helopad on top of some skyscraper, or...use your imagination. Mine just gave out.
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