Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Flourescent Shattering, and a brief side of A.S. & S.

Have you ever watched a six-foot-long flourescent tube fall from a height of about fifteen feet? I have. Around 17:47 tonight. It was awesome.

American Science and Surplus
They have so much bizzare stuff it ain't even funny.
And I have already placed two orders from them.
Though I want so much more. In particular, I want:
About a dozen of these so I can make a really powerful Gaussian Gun
This Because I am an Origami Freak
This Giant Pen because it would stop those darn pen-thieves
These Three Things 'cuz they're really neat.
The Portabella Mushroom Kit So I can say I was growing mushrooms in my room on purpose
More something for Dad than me Okay, I want it, too
And Finally, The one I want the most, A P-51 Mustang
That's not much to ask, is it?
Now keep in mind, that was only nine things. I have at least four dozen more items circled in my catalog.
Tags: linktastic

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