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That was odd...



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Righto. I haven't posted lately, so here I am, letting you know I'm not dead from a horrible bicycling accident, laying dead and asploded on the side of the road whilst being ravaged by Zombie Hobo Rats. Here, have a meme!

Leave one memory of you and me together.

It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember!

Next, post this in your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you.

Well, that's the original meme. Unfortunately, I'm fairly certain that well over half of the people who read this have never had the chance to meet me in real life. So, just post your favourite memory of me, or the one that makes you think "Yup, that's Nick, alright" or possibly the one about the rosemary jam fight. Whichever. Just, what do you remember about me?

I find memory to be endlesly fascinating. In fact, that's why I want to study Neuroscience; I want to focus on how memories are formed and accessed. And, how they are forgotten. The forgetting is what really intrigues me.

I've noticed something that, when I first thought about it, seemed incredibly profound. But then, when I thought about it a bit more, realised that it was fairly obvious. I'm interested in the field of medicine that holds the secret to the things that make me tick. Again, it seems now more like a 'Well, duh!' thought than an incredible insight, but please, stick with me on this train of thought.

I forget things. A very large number of things. I am half-tempted to say that I have forgotten more than most people remember, if you count forgetting something you had to re-learn as two seperate memories.

I know I was going somewhere with this, but I got distracted by something shiny, and can't remember what I was trying to say. Sleep is good.
  • Re: Memories of Edminster although we've never met ...

    Memory 1: I still feel bad about that... That's why I remind myself that I need to post, if not for myself, for the people who care about me.

    Memory 2: I still have the songs, and I like listening to them. Surprisingly, Lyssa did, too. She's normally not into that kind of music. What I found to be truly touching about the gift, however, is the hand-written letter you enclosed. I still have that, as well as a copy I scanned into my computer. You have some of the best handwriting I have ever seen, by the way.

    Memory 3: I'm so happy to hear that my words and thoughts have such an affect on somebody.
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