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That was odd...



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Grah. Can't believe I forgot to get pictures of me in costume. Oh, well. It's not like I was in full costume, anyway. I was passing out candy, so most of my gear I left inside. I went as a post-nuclear apocalypse urban survivalist. Kinda like what you see in the cities of Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role-playing Game, or in the background city scenes in Firefly. You know, rugged military surplus stuff, as well as consumer castoffs. Not many people got it, so I ended up telling a bunch that I was a Zombie Hunter. Which, I suppose, could also be represented by my costume.

I got the majority of my stuff at a surplus shop for fairly cheap, since I get my step-brother's discount. One thing that annoyed me though, was the gasmask. Sure, it was made in Canadia, but that's no excuse for making it nigh-impossible to get the canister filter out of the case. Well, impossible if you're in a rush, at least. I was bashing the thing against the sidewalk, attempting to cut it with a knife and other such desperate attemts to open it. Hell, I even toox a hatchet to it.

And it still didn't open. So, I spent fifteen minutes shaving away a quarter-inch of plastic until finally jamming the knife into the newly-thineed plastic, and sawing it open. All I can say is, if you had one of these things, and needed to get it open, be ready to breathe some gas. Although, I do have to say, wearing a gas mask makes me look infinitely cooler.

I'll post my novel progress for the day by midnight, seein' as how I'm supposed to be writing right now...
  • Wow. Makes you wonder if that was a shipping container meant to be opened with special tools by the guys in charge of handing out the masks....the filters are hard to remove in our M17 protective masks, but not that hard.
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