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That was odd...

I was an Innocent Bystander (Chapter 7: Sleep)

I was an Innocent Bystander (Chapter 7: Sleep)

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Right. No entry today. Sorry. As of writing this, I've gone 32 hours without sleep. Not something I like doing. So, I'm going to find a doorstep to curl up in, and try and get some rest. Oddly enough, though, My body isn't really that tired. I feel incredibly hale physically, but my brain is just muddling through thoughts and sentences. It takes me about three seconds to blink right now. My eyes are having difficulty tracking properly, and yet I don't want to go to sleep. I want to continue telling you about the ZHA fighting the LDM.

Goodness, I'm not even two weeks in to my deadline, and I'm already going insane. I mean, seriously, what kind of person would chooses a story over rest? A dedicated storyteller, that's who. And that's what I am. Dedicated. That just connected with something in my head. When I went in to work in order to talk to my boss about the past week, and screw it, I'm too tired right now.
  • Poor Edminster! Get your rest, you deserve it for all the work that you have done so far.
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