Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Not the mystery format

Yeah... this one's not in the mystery format you were probably expecting...
But I just had to make a comment on This Post About Irresponsible Cyclists
In good weather I ride my bike four and a half miles to College, each way, totaling nine miles. This is my second semester at the college. I have ridden over two hundred miles, and the only accident I have had was when my back tyre slipped on a banana peel in the middle of an intersection. I am fairly certain, however, that I am an anomaly. To be fair, though, I expect people to not hog the middle of the sidewalks so I can stay off the roads, but then again, with the obesity problem in America, they can't help but hog the sidewalk. And the Häagen-Dazs. heh heh. Quit Häagen the Häagen Dazs!
Anyways, I should prolly stop typing now.
Oh! almost forgot!
Many thanks to Wombat_Socho for the link!
Tags: linktastic, opinionriffic

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