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That was odd...



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Sorry about that. Just had to get that out of my system.

Anyway, I just want to let everybody know that I am, in fact, still alive.

Although, alot has changed for me since I last posted. I am now at my Dad's house for the foreseeable future, am trying to get a job, and working on getting my Driver's License. I knew all of this would happen eventually but I was hoping it would be a one-by-one sort of thing. It's kind of unsettling to lose your job, start working on something life-changing, and moving out of your house all within the space of a month. Especially since I hadn't seen any of it coming.

But, I needed out of my last job, I needed out of that house, and it's about time I started working on getting a driver's License.

In summation:

Life is Good.
  • Glad to hear that things are moving ahead in your life.

    And yeah...how 'bout them Steelers? Seattle by 4 -shyeah, right! XD
  • Hey, It's just like spring!

    You get to keep the past experiences that are important to you and start fresh making a bunch of new ones. Driving, huh? I wondered if I'd ever see (or hear of) the day. So if you ever get an overwhelming case of wanderlust, you know you have a place to crash for a while in TX. It sounds so exciting to get to start over anew. Have fun with it.
  • Still alive

    hey man, long time no talk. Sucks about superpetz, but eh, f*** em.
    I'm livin up in PA, waitin to start diving again in march, but til then I'm telemaarketing (shittiest job in the worlld by the way) but it pays the bills. Hope all is well. hit me back.
  • hello nick! remember me by any chance? i've got a page on photobucket with a bunch of pictures, some are comics. dont have the whole comic yet, because i havent touched up most of the pages, but the ones that are there are finished. take a look


    hope you like what u see
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