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Something that appears to be lacking in today's society is a sense of family. I don't mean family in the sense of the people you call Mother, Father, Brother or Sister. I mean family in the sense of people you would lay down your life for. People that you care about deeply, whether they are blood relatives or not. People who have helped you out so much in life that it would just be wrong to not assist them if asked.

mood: calming down

Aw, crap. Dan just called Amber back.

mood: urge to kill... rising

It's incredibly hard to type when your hands are shaking with rage. Hearing somebody yelling at my sister, even if the yeller is only on the phone, drives me insane. Because I know my sister is a good person. She doesn't deserve to be yelled at. He yells when she's quiet, and he yells when she speaks up. He's driving on a suspended license, but she refuses to call the cops. If he comes back to this house, I will tell him to leave the property and never come back.

mood: trying to control the shaking

Why do people continue down life paths that are obviously not healthy? Returning time after time to somebody who hurts their self-esteem, just because it's the longest relationship they have had? It makes no sense. It scares me, to hear my sister crying on the phone, night after night, because this guy has problems with anger management.

mood: calming down

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