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Good News!

Righty-o! I'm now gainfully employed! Huzzah! And it's on a shift that I really did prefer, creativity-wise! Of course, working from 1600-0100 makes it difficult to maintain much in the way of a social life, but sacrifices must be made in the name of getting myself financially stable. And I have to be financially sound if I want to not only get a car, but return to college as well.

And return to college I will, and rather than focussing upon the incredibly lofty goal of Neuroscience, I shall concentrate my studies upon Library Sciences, hopefully specialising in the Archival aspect of such. If there is one thing I love more than old books, it's repairing old books. The knowledge that the stories will last some time longer makes me smile.

Switching back to the topic of my new job, it's going to be quite physically exhausting, as I will be unloading trucks from four in the afternoon until one in the morning. Which means it will also be interesting to see how I work out transportation for the next six months or so, since I do not (as yet) have a license.

One thing I am looking forward to, however, is the possibility that I will again become as creative as I used to be, since my brain will be working at full bore when most people are sleeping. I'm not sure why, but it always seems that my most interesting pieces of story have always been posted after midnight. Maybe it's because I have to entertain myself with stories, rather than talk with a bunch of other people about mundane topics. Or, it might possibly be because of the A.D.D. medication wearing off, because I've also noticed that my stories tend to jump around a bit, as do most of my longer posts.

So, I've started planning out the garden for this year. It's not going to be much, as I won't have an abundance of time to tend to it, but I've already gotten a couple of the things that I definitely wanted to grow. This year, I wanted to focus mainly on vegetables, with various beans being the main crop. I've got Black Beans as the very main crop, since you can never have enough of them, especially in homemade Mexican cuisine, and my second staple is Snow Peas. I'm also contemplating getting some Sugar Snap peas, as those are great for munching on. What I really want, above anything else, are some Eastern Blacberry plants. I have one at Mom's house that is really a cutting brought back from West Virginia, but I'm not sure if it's going to do too well over there. It's one of those plants that I grew up with, and unfortunately, all of the local specimens that I know about have been bulldozed to make room for houses. It's also, unfortunately, one of those plants that most nurseries don't carry, since the berries produced are tiny compared to those giant mutant fruits that hit the grocery stores every now and aagin.

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