Eddie (edminster) wrote,

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

'''as!j&jns ay+ u!nj pn.+ey+ asnec. ´+ah s! +! +eym noh lla+ +.uec I '+aN. ay+ Jo abenbuel +eajb
+ey+ pajaqwawaj I l!+un ´+so& pa++ewjoJ hlabuej+s +sel hw aq o+ bu!ob sem s!yî
'hep abeja^e ue +snF 'jamod a+ew!+lñ Jo ue> salbu!jd
hw +ob hay+ +nq ´way+ Jo +ol e ll!× o+ pabeuew I 'ue!pjenÐ s.+! wojJ heme +! +sajm
plnoc ja^aoym o+ jamo& leuja+a bu!jq plnom ja+su!wp3 pallec auo ay+ hq pa!jjec
jau!e+uoc e u! wa+I ue +ey+ p!es sllojcs +ua!cue ay+ pa^a!laq hay+ asnecaq
beq×ooq hw ajn+&ec o+ bu!+&wa++e ajam oym sjo!jjeM efu!N a+!l3 Jo apjoy e JJo
+ybnoJ 'pooJ awos a+V 'sselc o+ +uaM 'hepo+ +jo&aj o+ ycnw +ou ´shemhuV'
.'''h+!jncas leuo!+eu o+ le+!^ sal!J a^a!j+aj o+ ja+n&woc e o+u! ×cey o+ bu!hj+
al!ym wooj a^!+!suas-punos pue -+eay -ajnssaj& e u! aj!m u!y+ e wojJ bu!lbuep jO'
.'''spuey jnoh uo bu!pjeoqa+e×S jO'
.'''spuey jnoh uo bu!×lem a×!7'
. 'awaj+xa +! sa×ew
umop-ap!s&n bu!y+hue bu!op asneca¶ 'umoC-ap!s&ñ pa&h+ s! +so& s.hepoî '+yb!ä'

And the link for reading is...
Flipper Rightside-Upper
Tags: lost in translation

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