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Three days in

Well, four days in, but three days of actual work. This is definitely my natural awake time, now that I think about it. Getting to sleep at around 0200 and sleeping until 1000 is incredibly relaxing. It also makes me a happy Edminster, and a happy Edminster is a friendly Edminster. Also, I'm definitely going to post my schedules regularly, since I really, really need people to get me to and from work now. So, schedule is behind the cut.

Saturday, 18 March: Off!

Sunday, 19 March: Off!

Monday, 20 March: 1600-0100

Tuesday, 21 March: 1600-0100

Wednesday, 22 March: 1600-0100

Thursday, 23 March: 1600-0100

Friday, 24 March: 1600-0100

Saturday, 25 March: Off!

Sunday, 26 March: 1600-0100

Monday, 27 March: Off!

Tuesday, 28 March: 1600-0100

Wednesday, 19 March: 1600-0100

Thursday, 30 March: 1600-0100

Friday, 31 March: 1600-0100

Aye. That's all I have to say for the moment, so I'm off to take a shower and sleep like a rock. Although, not at the same time.

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