Eddie (edminster) wrote,

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Of Bad Knees and Working

Aye. Now that the computer is hooked back up to the internet (Thanks, Dad!), I can update again.

I can also read my friendslist again, and that makes me happy. It's not quite noon, and I'm still not awake yet. Morning definitely starts slightly past noon for me.

I really am enjoying this work, as it gives my brain a chance to disengage, so I'm not stressing over much of anything for a solid eight hours. Unfortunately, it's physical enough that I'm having to be careful of how I manouevre around while carrying huge boxes. Yesterday, I made the mistake of not being absolutely certain of my footing, and wrenched my bad knee as a result. It now hurts insanely bad to bend and straighten the stupid joint. I have nobody to blame but myself for it, so I'll just have to deal with the pain until I can get my knee brace from Mom's.
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