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That was odd...

Munching on frozen green beans is one of the best snacky-type…

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Munching on frozen green beans is one of the best snacky-type activities. Deeeelicious!
  • I thought I was the only one who did that.
  • i've moved my journal!

    to myspace....sorry-
    i will still be keeping my lj here for my writing, but i havent been doing much writing lately!
    you can catch me now at :
    hope you are doing well- i'm sorry for my absence-
    just been really crammed over here- getting picked to be in the grammy gift bags, holding a shoe making workshop for a student from Maryland, making new stage wear for Peaches who is touring w/ Bauhaus and NIN this summer, and I just got asked to work on a movie (Flaming Iguanas- I just got the screenplay, by Erika Lopez- rad!)
    oh, and i've also been doing shoe and boot repair for the locals in my little hamlet and taking custom boot orders. still, where's the CASH?
    check me at myspace.com/wilmaworld
    tell me all yr news
    -mystery relative
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