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Okay. I have a confession to make. I am absoloutely terrified of most insects. To the point of a phobia, really. But not when the critters are slow enough that I can keep track of them and do something else. Unless, of course, the slow critter ambushes me. That's what happened with my newest photographic subject, Bugg.

Bugg is actually a beetle of some sort, but when he landed on my arm, the only thing that went through my mind was, "AAARGH! BUGG! SMASH!"
So I backhanded the little thing. Into a wall.

I did not see him for the next hour, so I figured he was dead, and I went to sleep. This morning however, it was revealed that he had not, in fact, perished when my ferocious attack slammed him against the wall. All that had happened was minor structural damage to his right middle leg, and breakage of the left wing case. Sitting on top of a white shirt in my laundry basket, he looked quite defeated.

Because he did not appear to hold a grudge, and his obvious inability to mount a crushing counterattack, I took pity on him. As I write this, Bugg is perched upon my left pinky. Now that he hasn't ambushed me, I'm rather warming up to the little guy. He doesn't make any sudden movements, and he has not bitten me yet, so he gets to live.

Anyway, pictures.


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