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That was odd...

Me: Hey, Dad, guess what gets released today? Dad: Oh, it's some…

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Me: Hey, Dad, guess what gets released today?

Dad: Oh, it's some movie that I can't remember the name of...

For the record, the movie I was thinking of is this:

With that said, I have to get dressed in some clothes that aren't accented by cat hair.
  • Oooh, cool! Is this a remake of the first movie, or is it the same with a different formatting? Hmm. . . I've not seen it though. Just read the book, hehe.
    • Same movie, just with extra stuff included.

      Besides, they can't remake the movie. It's perfect as it is.
  • I love that movie!

    Okay so now that the broad hint is out and the birthday is coming up soon, you know that you can't go out and buy it for yourself, right?
    • Re: I love that movie!

      Ai Ya!
      This is what I'm using to cash my paycheque this week!
      If you want to get me something for my birthday, get me these two CDs. If you get them at the bargain-bin price, Shipping and Handling would make it about the same price.

      And speaking of birthdays, yours is quickly coming up. What do you want for a gifty-type thingy?
      • Re: I love that movie!

        Somehow I thought I'd get that reaction. BTW, thanks for introducing me to BOND. I sampled a couple of their tracks on Amazon. I love them; they kinda remind me of Walter Carlos' "Switched On Bach" although it was done on a Moog Synthesizer. It's out of print now and this will be a great replacement.

        And for my birthday I want words, a post about anything from digging up worms in the rain with the special lady, teen angst about turning 20 (if you could just see how far back my eyes are rolling into my head), to random fiction. Words, words, words. I get the most pleasure from reading what you write.
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