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That was odd...



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0k4y, 70d4y'5 p057 15 wr1773n 1n |337-5p33k, 50 m057 0f y0u pr0||y w0n'7 n33d 4 7r4n5|470r. 4nyw4y5, 7h3 p057 15 1n |337-5p33k m41n|y b3c4u53 17 15 3v3n m0r3 3x7r3m3 7h4n up51d3-d0wn 73x7. 17'5 m0r3 3x7r3m3 7h4n 40|. n07 7h47 17'5 d1ff1cu|7 70 b3 m0r3 3x7r3m3 7h4n 40|. h3ck, 7w1nk135 4r3 m0r3 3x7r3m3 7h4n 40|. 4nyw4y, b4ck 70 7h3 3x7r3m3n355 0f |337-5p33k. 51nc3 17 15 4 r3|471v3|y 0|d 'n37 |4n6u463, 4nd b3c4u53 17 1nc0rp0r4735 4c7u4| |3773r5, 7hu5 m4k1n6 5|16h7|y |361b|3, 17 15 n07 45 3x7r3m3 45 17'5 c0u51n, "u|7r4-|337"
Unf0r7un473|y, 7h15 p057 15 pr0||y 60nn4 b3 my |457 "7r4n5|473-y0ur-0wn" p057, un|355 50m3 k1nd r34d3r f1nd5 m3 50m3 u|7r4-3x7r3m3 7r4n5|470r.

Almost forgot the translator site:
wh0 n33d5 4 7r4n5|470r?
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