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R: What's that thing, Bernie?

B: Cumulonimbus cloud. Shaped like a bunny. Or possibly a frog wearing bunny ears.

R: ...why would a frog wear bunny ears, Bernie?

B: Maybe the frog is insecure about being bi-terrestrial. Maybe it longs to live solely on land, hopping playfully amongst the clover. Maybe the frog is going to a costume party. Maybe none of those things. But I do know one thing about the frog in question, though.

R: Yeah? What's that?

B: I know that you need to realise that there is no frog, and that it's just a stupid cloud.

R: Why's that? Why should I not worry about what is going on inside the mind of the confused bunny in a frog's body? Just because he is not currently real doesn't mean he never will be. Maybe this cloud is an omen, saying that I should keep a lookout for little green bunnies with webbed feet. Because maybe, just maybe, that poor little chimera needs help in this lonely, unforgiving world, and maybe I'm the one to help him.

B: ...

R: What?

B: I swear to God, Ralph, you are completely nuts. I don't know of anybody else on this planet that could be so compassionate towards a thing that not only doesn't exist, but will probably never exist. I mean, seriously, you are off your rocker.

R: So?

B: 'So?!' Good Christ, man! If i was a psychiatrist, i'd be clamoring for the nice men in the white coats to bring you a jacket that fastens up the back! No wonder you've not kept any job for more than a few weeks! You're nuts!

R: Bernie, I have to say, you're probably right. But then, I also have to say that none of this conversation would have happened if you hadn't brought up the possibility of the bunnyfrog. While I admit that I have shown something you seem to think is a negative trait, you are the one who planted the seed. I simply watered it.

B: Yeah, I know. It's just... I really wish you wouldn't go off on weird tangents like that, okay? It kind of worries me, to get that sort of glimpse into your brain.

R: Alright, Bernie. I'll knock it off. But I want you to promise me something before we go back to what we were doing, okay?

B: Yeah, sure. What is it?

R: Stop saying you've been abducted by aliens.

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