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That was odd...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

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Yes, I need to update more often. Yes, I passed driver's education. Yes, I need to update more. Yes, I'm headed to Washington State next week. Yes, I need to update from Washington. Yes, I need to get hours in for getting a License. Yes, I need to update more. Yes, Stacie and I broke up. No, I don't want to talk about it. Yes, it was because I am a dumbass with relationships and completely horrible at compromising. Yes, my birthday is coming up. Yes, I will be in Washington on my birthday. Yes, I need to update more.

Bee, when I checked the mail just a few moments ago, there was a missed package note. I shall pick it up on the morrow, but shall refrain from opening it until my birthday. Unless of course, curiosity wins. So, yeah. I guess I'll find out what you got me tomorrow.

Good night, everybody!
  • Yes, you should update more often.

    Have a great trip to WA state & post pictures. Really sorry things didn't work out for you and Stacie.
  • I was beginning to wonder about you! Congrats with passing driver's ed and I hope you have fun in Washington. :)
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